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Good morning!

I have seen many people wondering how they should do to be a revival person, perhaps, there is not a Cartesian formula, only passion for Christ and for the work of the Holy Spirit!

Most brothers confuses revival with being noisy, in be the brother who shouts loudest in the worship, and so on, well let me tell you from my own experience that all this could be the result of you be a person full of God, but not yet characterized as a revivalist.

Even, because the revival is not a label, but a style of life, when you want to be refreshing my, you don't want it only for the time of worship, you want this for all your life, in your daily life, in your relationships, etc

When you want the revival, your motivation will no longer take care of your life and the motivations of God begin to save space inside your heart, i.e. who changes is you first and not those to your back only.

Revival is renunciation, is stop being who you are in favor of the will of Christ, is no longer religious and defend with all your srtength, with tooth and nail your pastor and the plate from your church, though, you should continue honoring and investing in it and in the House of God, for God's sake!!!

After, you will not tell me that I sent you stop decimate hien, kkkkk isn't it, I'm just saying that a religion person generates, love for the religion card and by man, as the revival generates love for Christ and for his work.

I believe that only with internal attitudes and personal society, mainly Brazil, will be transformed, so only those who do not yet know Christ will be truly touched, many feel that a social reform will be the star of a genuine revival, but unfortunately it will not, the social reform is a result, is the end and not the beginning of a change that is born first in the spiritual field, social reform, never worked in this country, but the presence of Christ Yes, a spiritual reform Yes, with the preaching of a Gospel simple but full of anointing, already changed many lives and will continue changing in the name of Jesus!!!

Let´s stop trying to resolve with our flash the things of this world, with attitudes of this world, when Christ passed by the Earth, he wasted no time with Pontius Pilate, He only spoke with the father, he only heard the father, he just walk with his father and those around him were so impacted that made a revolution in the reality of the life of who surrounded them, and that is what Jesus wants to do again.

Lives will be changed where God come into their reality, I know people who were terrible in the past, but when the Holy Spirit came into his life, everything changed, no politics, no police, no needy entities, without any of this, God alone.

We cannot act through a NORMAL behavior in the face of an ABNORMAL situation, we have learned to be so in our normal churches, but only you can try the supernatural God, when we choose to leave normal, normal life, the normal search, the normal way of relating to God, the normality of life and of our carnal attitudes daily repetition.

Only with a genuine search and frankly, before God we can be considered the people of revival, only with abnormal attitudes, only with prayers outside the curve we will see miracles, only with the unheard of to see, the impossible will happen, easy?

Not always, but depends on us, because, God is willing to pour everything he has for us, we must stand, we must exercise our faith and live what He has for us and, Yes, will live the best time of our lives, in the name of Jesus!

So, do you want a tip on how to be refreshing or a revival person?

Let the fire of God burning in you, let the flame of Christ burn in your heart and the revival will come into our lives, Amen!!!

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